ATND Vol.8 (01-11-95)

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.

18/10/1995 Singtao Daily

Alan, being a member of the Star Soccer Team, took part in a football match in Nanjiang. He was voted by sports reporters there the "Best Player". Alan is very happy since his father was a famous football player. He think getting the "Best Player" award is even more difficult than getting Golden Horse Award and other singing awards.

Alan cannot join the TVB anniversary show this year since he will be in China having his round-China concerts this November. He also cannot be the Captain of Male Singers of the "TVB Singers Show" on 29th Oct. He will play golf with senior government officials, may include Governor Chris Patten.

Alan is a shareholder of Impact Company [ ], but he is still a singer of Polygram. Impact's chairman Cheung Kwok Chung [ iꩾ ] said Alan is belong to Polygram. He will not attempt to persuade Alan to change his mind.

26/10/95 Singtao Daily

Chi Lin Ching Yuen [ ӽbb ], a buddist organization mentioned in previous ATND, was affected by a fire in Diamond Hill. A number of 180 elders there had to retreat. Alan also took part in the retreating work and is pleased that those elders were safe.

Some one said Sally's mother is living in Chi Lin Ching Yuen and it is why Alan was so enthusiatic. Alan admit Sally's mother sometimes lives there but it is not the main reason. He said he regards those elders as mothers. He loves them and want to help them when they are in danger.

Alan praised the cooperation between policemen and firemen. He went to fire station yesterday to thank them and took photo with them.

31/10/95 Singtao Daily

Various singing awards ceremonies are coming. Alan was asked which singers are his favourite. For male singer, Alan think Jacky Cheung Hok Yau is most capable to win the most popular male singer award. but he also said capability is not the only factor now. There are many other factors influencing the result.

For female singer, Alan said Sally Yip and Sandy Lam had few albums this year while Faye Wong lack of remarkable performance. He suggests not giving the most popular female singer this year if there is no suitable choice.

12nd Nov is the fund raising day of Chi Lin Ching Yuen, Alan is considering rearranging his songs in Tang Dynasty poem [ ] format to fit the Tang Dynasty scene in Chi Lin Ching Yuen.

END of ATND vol.8