ATND Vol. 7 (01-10-95)

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.

Summarized report from 28-30/9/95 Singtao Daily, Apple Daily and Mingpao:

TVB(Television Broadcast, HK) and NHK(a famous Japan TV station) had a joint TV program in which HK and Japan pop singers sang together in Fukou֩ on 29th September. Alan is one of the representatives of HK. The other singers included Aaron Kwok Fu SingI, Leon Lai Ming, Roman Law Manù, Shirley Kwan Suk YeeQ, Sally Yip Sin ManȤ, Cok Tsuen Sun Seesq, Sai Shing Sau Shu諰q and Chung Sum Ming Choi˩.

In this trip, Alan will meet his good friend Cok Tsuen Sun See. Cok introduced special food to Alan everytime Alan visit Japan. Alan don't know what he will eat this time. He said once Cok gave him a cup of red-colored drink and he found that was a cup of fish blood afterward. Alan will not try strange food and drink easily this time.

BTW, a series of fund-raising activities of Chi Lin Ching Yuenӽbb(a Buddist organization) will be held soon. It is said that the construction cost of Chi Lin is HK$160million. Although HK economy is a little bit worse than before, Alan is confident that the fund-raising activities will be a success. Being asked how much had he donated, Alan only said he had contributed certain amount.

During the recording process of Polygram's 25th anniversary album, Alan encountered a voice problem. He found he cannot sing well just like there was a paper in his throat. Fortunately, Alan overcame the problem and finished the recording job. Alan said he found his health is getting worse. He have to take care of his diet since then.

Ah Lack Chan Pak Cheung said the competition between the Four Sky Kings is just like the era of Alan and Lesile. Alan said Lesile is his good friend. It was the competition of their fans made the situation so tense.

Summarized report from East Touch Magazine vol 17(26/9/95) and Easy Finder vol 191(28/9/95):

As I mentioned in the previous issues of ATND, Alan have a new movie called Ma Ma Fan Fank¤k·з(troublesome grandma). Here are the latest details of this film I get.

Name    : Ma Ma Fan Fank¤k¦||
Director: Peter Chan Ho Sun
Cast    : Alan Tam Wing Lun, Anita Yuen Wing YeeK, Tsang Chi 
          WaiӰ, Ng Wing Mei, Chan Siu ChunpK
Scene   : Hong Kong, Australia

Production period : June-October, 1995
Showing period    : Christmas
Production cost   : HK$ 23million
Production Company: UFO

PS:The Chinese word "Fan" was changed to "Fan"| as Anita Yuen Wing Yee request. She said she should avoid anything consist of "fire", the original Chinese word "Fan" consists of "fire".

END of ATND vol.7