ATND Vol. 6 (1-9-95)

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.

First, Happy Birthday to Alan! Of course he is still 25. :)

Second, a webpage regrading his latest album "True Man" is located at

A review by Ka-Wah Yau can also be found at

Third, two Hong Kong newspapers, Ming Pao Daily News and Sing Tao News are now on-line. You can find some Alan news there. Pls be noted that it is an Big-5 Chinese page.

  1. 4/8/95 Apple Daily

    Alan said there are many people asking him to be their master of singing. He think sharing the singing skill between friends is OK but don't want to accept any student. Alan don't want to take up so much responsibiliy since he will not simply teach his student how to sing but how to live too if he has one.

    In fact, very few male singer accept student in HK but there are some female singers doing so such as Eliza Chan (b5 陳潔靈), Tsang Lo Tak (b5 曾路得) and Maria (b5 瑪利亞). Perhaps female is more patient.

  2. 11/8/95 Apple Daily

    Alan acted in the MTV for his new song "Love inside Love Play inside Play" (b5 情中情 戲中戲). His partner is Miss Air Hostress, Kwok Chi Wai(b5 郭子維).

    Alan praised Anita Yuen Wing Yee (b5 袁詠儀) for her professional acting skill. They are co-operating in the movie "Ma Ma Fan Fan" (b5 女麻女麻煩煩) in which Yuen acts as Alan's grandma. Yuen have to spend a lot of time to make-up and tolerate those comestic.

    Alan said his role is the most comfortable except wearing winter clothes in summer.

  3. 24/8/95 Sing Tao Daily

    Many Alan fans attended Alan Tam's birthday party yesterday. Some of them came from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia etc.

    The fan club held a funny beauty contest in the birthday party. It got no gender and age limitation. Finally, a male fan won the contest and was named the best "second wife" (b5 最佳二奶).

    Talking about the birthday wishes, Alan wished peace of the world and a smooth transfer of HK in 1997. His own wish is to see the world with smile.

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  4. 29/8/95 Apple Daily

    Ah Lack Chan Pak Cheung pointed out that Alan's new song is boycotted by Commercial Radio CR. Particularly "Give me back my real passion" (b5 還我真情). Rumour said CR's boycott is due to Polygram's cancellation of Alan's album ads. CR's spokeman denied the rumour at usual.

    Another article can be found at:

  5. 1/9/95 Sing Tao Daily

  6. Alan used to be a boss of Tin Tin Hot Pot (b5 天天火鍋), a resturant chain in HK. He quited from the chain 2 years ago because his girl friend Sally don't like him killing living organism.

    When Alan heard of the shut down of Tin Tin Hot Pot, he didn't feel despair and he hope all Tin Tin staff will have reasonable compensation.

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END of ATND vol.6