ATND Vol. 5 (1-8-95)

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.

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  1. 3/7/95 Apple Daily

    A magazine reported that Alan's second wife is living in "Rose New Estate". Alan admitted he had been there twice because his friend invited him. Alan's girlfriend Sally told Alan she do not want to be disturbed by the media.

  2. 14/7/95 Apple Daily

    The Artist Association(AA) had passed a 3 days shut-up campaign to show her discontent of the reporting method(particularly the Dog Team) of the mass media. Alan is one of the Excecutive Committee of the AA. The relationship between the media and artist become worser and worser recently.

  3. 21/6/95 Apple Daily

    Alan's new album will be released in late July or early August. Besides Alan, Lesile Cheung and Anita Mui also have their new album release in this summer. It is said that owing to the decline of the Sky Kings in sales volume, those Supreme Kings and Queen have to rescue the music market.

    Alan said, "In fact, I release album in every summer. I don't have time to produce album in winter usually. e.g. I will have concerts in China.

    Talking about the relationship between AA and mass media, Alan think they should trust and respect each other.

  4. 23/6/95 Apple Daily

    It is said that Alan had gone to Birth and Death Department to register for his son named Tam Hiu FungӾp.

    Alan replyed in a radio program of RTHK, "I went to Yu King Wan for golf yesterday. BTW, Hiu Fung is a good name. I love chid very much. I am trying to have one but there are many things out of my control."

END of ATND vol.5