ATND Vol. 3 (1-6-95)

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.
  1. 5/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    Alan discovered an old street-sleeper lying in a bus stop and felt sympathy for him. Alan placed a blanket on the old man but the old man chased and hit, instead of thanked, Alan. Alan suspected the street-sleeper has psychiatric problem.
  2. 7/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    Alan had changed his hair style for his coming movie which is directed by Chan Hoo Sun (陳可辛). His hair is now a bit like Forest Gump. The movie was initialy named "Four Seasons Hot Pot" (四季火鍋) and now changed as "Fruitfull Life" (錦繡人生). Although the production was delayed by a month, director Chan promised that Alan's singing job in June will not be affected. Since starring in "Guangdong Five Tigers" (廣東五虎) two years ago, Alan has another movie eventually. What he worries most is wearing winter clothes in summer.

    After finsihing the movie, Alan will have a concert tour in Mainland China during late June and early July. He said most songs sang in the coming concerts are love songs and he don't have a problem of singing "forbidden song".

  3. 8/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    Alan acted as the captain of Singer Team in "Singer, Movie and TV Stars Bowling Contest". His teammates included Andy Hui, Eric Moo, Ah Lack and Edmond Leung.

    Alan has fantastic performance in this contest. He was the highest scorer. Alan said he play bowling not very often but he had increased training for this contest.

    Alan thought acting is just like playing bowling. Some actors may not be good in acting certain character but they will succeed after studying hard.

  4. 10/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    Alan had almost crashed his car when he heard of Teresa Tang's death.
  5. 11/5/95 TVB Jade
    At 12:00am, TVB boardcasted a special program for Teresa Tang. It showed many old stuff of Teresa including her performance with Alan. They had sung "Lover Godness" (愛人女神) together. In the MTV, Alan was very young, thin and funny.
  6. 11/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    Alan's key of life is being optimistic and positive. He always respect different religions. He had participated a Buddist function and sang some buddist songs.

    Alan will hold concert in the Hong Kong Colesium next year. Owing to the various restrictions in Hong Kong Stadium, he will not consider holding concert there until 1997.

  7. 13/5/95 TVB Jade
    Alan and Ah Lack appeared in Jade Song Music Program. They sang "Sharing Bitter and Taste" (分甘同味). At the end of the program, all appeared singers sang "Little Town Story" (小城故事) in memory of Teresa Tang and Alan represented other singers to show the highest respect to Teresa.
  8. 15/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    There is rumour that Polygram Record Company will released a salute album of Teresa Tang. If this is true, Alan will choose his favourite Teresa's song, "Rain of Tear" (淚的小雨) to show his respect and salute to his friend. Alan said wherever there are Chinese, there are Teresa's song. He said when he was acting in "If I were true" (假如我是真的), he found that a calender in the film had two figure on it. One was Mao Chat Tung, another one was Teresa. Alan treasures and will not forget his one and only one cooperation with Teresa.(the "Lover Godness" MTV)
  9. 31/5/95 Oriental Daily News
    The following are latest news of Alan's new movie directed by Chan Hoo Sun.
    Name"Trouble" (Ma Ma Fan Fan 女麻 女麻 煩 煩)
    *formerly known as "Four Seasons Hot Pot" and "Fruitfull Life".
    It should be noted that the Chinese name "Ma Ma Fan Fan" have
    double meanings, one is "trouble", another one is Grandmother is trouble"
    Director Chan Hoo Sun (陳可辛)
    Starring Alan Tam,
    Anita Yuen Wing Yee (袁詠儀), act as Alan's grandmother.(Yes I'm not joking)
    To Lai Sa (杜麗莎), act as Alan's elder sister
    HK$ 20 million
  10. This time I have made some summarization, instead of translating every sentences. If you are interested in particular field of the above news, mail me for further details.

END of ATND vol.3