ATND Vol. 2 (1-5-95)

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.
  1. For those who don't know, an Alan Tam Homepage was setup under the following URL:


    It is maintained by Ming-kan Leung, a guy studying computer science in CUHK. The page is still under construction but it had remarkable enhancements frequently. Check it out and give comment to him.

  2. Anita Mui Yim Fong is now holding her concerts in HK. Alan had attended one of her concerts. Since he was busy that night, he had only watched the latter half of the concert. Nevertheless, he praised Ah Mui for her performance.

    Alan said, "Ah Mui's performance is simply perfect. Her voice, her dance, her every move showed her supreme status.(Big Sister in chinese). She also had good communication with fans."

    Alan also helped Anita to clarify the rumour of poor attendance in the concerts.

    Talking about another rumour of Ah Mui, saying her new boyfriend is Chiu Man Cheuk (The one who starred in Master Wong Fei Hung series besides Jet Li). Alan think it is not a problem since both of them hasn't get married.

    A month ago, Alan acted as the producer of his friend, Ah Lack Chan Pak Cheung'2 album. Alan also have a duet with Ah Lack. They had finished the production of the MTV of the duet. (Sorry I don't know the name of the duet and other details right now)

    *Information from 21st April 95 Oriental Daily News.

  3. Recently, Leon Lai released his new song and new advertisement with Hutchasion Paging. His new song was criticized by a radio programme of CR2. They said the song is poor than the former one, "Thinking of You Everday". Leon cried for this criticism at his press confrence.

    After noticing the above news, Alan said there are freedom of speech in HK. But if the hosts of the programme acted purposedly biased so as to exaggerate his/her own image, he/she is really not respecting the singer and the song's producers.

    Alan urged other singers to consider the matter seriously. Radio station can treat singer in this way. Then singer can also refuse to take part in radio programme. Talking about who was wrong in Leon's case, Alan had no comment and he stressed he was just considering the fact instead of people.

    *Information from 30th April 95 Oriental Daily News.

  4. On 30th April, Alan appeared in two functions. He first gone to a football match and then a charity concert of the Community Chest.

    2:00pm, Alan reached the HK Stadium to be a guest in the football match Instant-Dict Vs Flamingo's Star.

    Alan did not play in the match but he participated in a pre-match contest. It is a contest of scoring foul kick. Other contestants included ex-super-soccer stars Zico and Junior from Brazil.

    Alan wore soccer suit and looked smart and handsome. It was a pity that he scored no goal. Some of his shots are fairly good indeed.

    8:00pm, Alan reached the HK Colesium to be a guest of Anita Mui and Friends Concert. It was a fund-raising concert of the Community Chest.

    Alan sang a duet with Ah Lack at the very beginning of the concert. The song's name is "Sharing Bitter and Taste" (Fun Gump Tone Mei 分甘同味). It's main theme is the friendship between Alan and Ah Lack. This song is recorded in a CD for charity purpose. I don't know if it will be sold on the market.

    Near the end of the show, Alan sang with Anita. They had sung three songs namely "Illusion" (Wan Ying 幻影), "Year Flow Like Water" (Chi Shui Lau Lin 似水流年) and "Love in Deep Autumn" (Oi Choi Sam Chow 愛在深秋). Both of them sang extremely well.

    Afterward, Alan sang one more song alone. It was "Love Bus-stop" (Ching Yuen Pa Shi Chram 情緣巴士站).

    For your information, other guests were Andy Lau, Roman, Eric Mo, Andy Hui, Anthony Lun, Grasshopper and Alex To. The M.C. is Ah Lack Chan Pak Cheung.

END of ATND vol.2