ATND Vol. 1 (1-4-95)

Hi! This is the first volume of Alan Tam News Digest (ATND). I will send ATND to you once a month and my goal is to give you the latest news of Alan Tam. As I have no experience of doing such thing before, please don't hesitate to give me your comment and opinion so that I can do better. If you know other Alan's fan want to subscribe ATND, give me his/her e-mail address.

DISCLAIMER: ATND is an unofficial news digest edited by Richard Ho Ka Fai. ( ATND does not correlate with Alan Tam and his company as well as CUHK.
Because of the short preparation, I have only one news to tell this time.


(information from EasyFinder vol. 165 30th March 1995)

Recently, an reporter of EasyFinder found Alan appeared in Kai Tak Airport with some women. One of them is Alan's girlfriend, Sally. She hasn't been taken a photo by reporter for ten years.
Sally's appearance hasn't changed a lot in this 10 years.

Interview with Alan

She is busy for Chi Lin Ching Yuen CLCY(a buddist organization) recently. She is a voluntary worker there. But I don't know the detail.

Sally have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and she once had a practice that not eating after noon. If she wake up late, she fast the whole day?

She will eat some bread if she is hungry at night.

Sally have followed you over 10 years. When will you give her a legitimate status(wife)?

I have already treated her as my wife many years ago. In fact, if one and one lived together for over 3 years, everyone will treat them as registered couple and Sally and me is over 10 years.

Then, is Sally the most important female in your life?

Ha Ha! Ha Ha !(Alan laugh exaggerately) Of course!

When the reporter told Alan that he had taken a photo of Sally, Alan showed a bit worried.

Sally work in CLCY usually and many people recognize her face. If you published her photo, she will unhappy.

But Alan have not request the reporter not to publish the photo.

She is still helping me. Everytime I have a concert, she design the clothes for me and help me in designing dancing. She is a very helpful woman.

Well, what had you gave her in the St.Valentine's Day to thank her?

Flowers! Don't ask me so much about her, she don't like this.

Interview in CLCY

The reporter found that people in CLCY help to protect Sally and don't want to let reporter know so much about Sally.

Answers are quite the same,"All Buddist are equal, no difference in status or class" or "She(Sally) is just an ordinary Buddist." Some even refused to reply.

Eventually, the speaker of CLCY said,"She is a great woman. She became a vegetarian for over 10 years for Alan. She keep the Five Taboo. She never think of herself, she just care Alan.", "She do not come frequently and she always come with a driver.", "I should not speak too much, it is her privacy."

END of ATND vol.1