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History :

  1. 1-10,April,95
    The page was released with items : ALBUMS LIST,ALAN IN CONCERT'94.
  2. 11-17,April,95
    LYRICS and MIDI files were added. Big-5 chinese version was released.
  3. 18,April,95
    ABOUT was added.
  4. 19,April,95
    ONLINE LYRIC FILES were available in Chinese version.
  5. 1,May,95
    DISCLAIMER was added. Temporarily disable Big-5 Chinese Version.
  6. 3,May,95
    LYRIC and MIDI were temporarily closed
  7. 6,May,95
    ATND vol.1 and Vol.2 were added
  8. 7,May,95
    PERSONAL DETAILS was added
  9. 8,May,95
    MOVIES list was added.
  10. 13,May,95
  11. 20,May,95
    BACKGROUND and ENGLISH NAME were applied to HOME. (Netscape Enhanced)
  12. 26,May,95
    Password protection of MIDI and LYRICS.
  13. 27,May,95
    Resume the Chinese Version. The format is the same as the English one.
  14. 27,May,95
    Procedure to obtain the username/password for MIDI and LYRIC
  15. 1,June,95
    ATND volume 3
  16. 2,June,95
    A new hyperlink pointing to khchung's lyrics base
  17. 8,June,95
    Successfully being an entry in Yahoo
  18. 24,June,95
    ATND special edition
  19. 26,June,95
    A better translations of albums' titles. Thx Dot Warner (dot@yucc.yorku.ca)
  20. 28,June,95
    netscape 1.1 Enhanced message and New Icon for Content
  21. 3,July,95
    ATND volume 4
  22. 10,July,95
    50 new lyrics
  23. 1,Augest,95
    ATND 5
  24. 8,Augest,95
    Form is set up for user authentication. I finally can use cgi-script
  25. 9,Augest,95
    Introduction of Latest album
  26. 01,Sept,95
    A review of True Man, thanks steve yau
  27. 01,Sept,95
    ATND volume 6
  28. 04,Oct,95
    ATND volume 7
  29. 18,Nov,95
    ATND volume 8
  30. 19,Dec,95
    Polygram (HK) 25th Anniversary - The World Concert '95
  31. 5,April, 96
    Review of The One And Only, thanks GORDON LO (glo@chat.carleton.ca)
  32. 4, August, 96
    Renew Alan WWW Homepage!! Add album covers

  33. 14, Sept, 96
    Review : Think Back And Forth

  34. 25, Oct, 96
    Album covers updated

  35. 27, Jul, 99
    Relocate to alumni.cuhk.edu.hk

  36. 01, April, 2006
    Relocate to http://lmk.espace.org/alan