LMK's Study

Courses Offered by Department of Computer Science of CUHK

My undergraduate study is finished. The followings are the CompSci-related courses which I took in my three-year study. 77 credits in total. Courses with * are my recommended core electives.

Course Code   Course Title                                 Units

1994 year 1

CSC1110       Introduction to Computing                      3
CSC1410       Digital Logic                                  3
CSC2100       Data Structures                                3
CSC2110       Discrete Mathematics                           3
CSC2420       Computer Structures & Assembly Language Prog.  3
CSC2600       Numerical Methods                              3
IEG2040       Probability Models & Applications              3
PMA2311       Linear Algebra and applications                3
SEG2040       Data Processing System                         3

1995 year 2

CSC3100       Software Engineering                           3
CSC3130       Formal Languages and Automata Theory           3
CSC3150       Introduction to Operating Systems              3
CSC3160	      Design and Analysis of Algorithms              3
CSC3170       Introduction to Database Systems               3
CSC3180       Principles of Programming Languages            3
CSC3230       Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence        3
CSC3420       Computer System Architectures                  3
CSC4160       Distributed and Parallel Computing             3 *

1996 year 3

CSC3260       Principles of Computer Graphics                3 *
CSC3430       Microprocessor Systems                         3
CSC4010       Final Project I                                4
CSC4020       Final Project II                               4
CSC4410       Advanced Computer Architecture                 3 *
CSC4430       Data Communication and Computer Networks       3
SEG3420       File Structures and Processing                 3

CSC = Department of Computer Science IEG = Department of Information Engineering PMA = Department of Mathematics SEG = Department of System Engineering